Drug Interaction Matrix

What is a Drug Interaction Matrix?

An adverse drug interaction is one of a veterinarian’s worst fears. If your patient is already on a drug and you unknowingly prescribe an interacting drug, you can potentially cause serious adverse effects for your patient. The last thing you want is for a patient to leave your practice worse than when they came in due to an accidental drug interaction.

Some of our patients can be on many medications, addressing different body systems that have become problematic during the aging process for example. It is difficult to accurately predict the possible interactions without the right tools.

How does the system work?

With VPR Cloud’s interactions matrix tool, all you have to do is select the drugs that you will be administering as well as any current medications your patient is currently prescribed. Once you select “Calculate Interactions”, a list of interactions will appear giving you the information you need to make decisions and inform pet owners.

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