Online Veterinary Dosage Calculator

Get the right dosage for your next formulary lookup. The patient’s weight and the recommended dose range will auto populate for integrated systems but in the standalone version just add the dose range and the patient weight in pounds or kg and the mg/kg dose will be calculated and reported as both a total mg dose and as a volume or number of tablets amount.

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Dosage Calculator Functionality

The dosage calculator has the ability to calculate body surface area and constant rate infusion. By entering the patient weight and the dose range, the calculator quickly convert weight to body surface area to determine the dose needed.

Enter the dose and patient weight in pounds, along with the concentration of the drug to be used, and the calculator will tell you the amount to add or replace in a bag of fluids to accomplish the recommended constant rate infusion.

Integrates With Practice Management Software

VPRCloud has the capability to be an integral part of practice management software. Integrations allow for patient prescription history to be saved, enabling an automatic drug interaction check with each concurrent prescription. When integrated, VPRCloud also auto-populates the patient weight field for the calculator, and can be used to automatically print or email client information sheets as preferred.

VPR is currently integrated with Cornerstone, AVImark, ImproMed, eVetPractice, and ClienTrax. In the near future, VPRCloud is scheduled to integrate with additional platforms as more Practice Management Software options become cloud-based.

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