VPR Cloud Launches First Compounding Pharmacy Integration

For Immediate Release
Frederick, MD – January 30, 2018

VPR Cloud is pleased to announce its first integration with one of the leading Veterinary Compounding Pharmacies in North America: Diamondback Drugs.

Diamondback Drugs will be integrating VPR Cloud into its premier online prescription platform VetPrescriber.com™. With this integration, Diamondback Drugs will be the only compounding pharmacy with an e-prescribing solution offering a fully integrated drug formulary; VPR Cloud.

VetPrescriber is a prescription portal designed specifically with the veterinarian in mind. It’s web-based and mobile-friendly platform allows veterinarians to focus on patient care and customer service, and decreases errors when compared to faxed or called-in orders.

The integration of VPR Cloud automates the prescription workflow even further from within the VetPrescriber prescription platform. Veterinarians can access pertinent drug information, use the dosage calculator and send the prescription to VetPrescriber all through the automated portal. Having this information readily available will benefit from increased accuracy, improved workflow efficiency, and increased quality assurance and safety. Providing veterinarians and pharmacists with easy access to the latest pertinent and current information regarding the safe use of all medications used in veterinary patients is imperative in today’s veterinary practices. VPR Cloud was created for that reason. It complements this purpose with the ability to check for drug interactions, make drug calculations, and provide the pet owner with a client information sheet that helps them understand how to use the medication.

This helps reduce potentially critical implications that can result from medication errors, and provides the confidence of knowing that the prescription and drug information provided to the customer are accurate.

According to Dr. Teresa Lee Koogler, author of VPR, the integration offers much more than easy access to pertinent, current information about all medications used in veterinary medicine.

“VPR Cloud not only speeds up the entire prescription process, but adds a level of safety to ensure the correct medication and dose is being prescribed,” said Dr. Koogler.

“Risk management is significantly improved in each and every practice using Diamondback Drugs and VetPrescriber for their prescription fulfillment.”

“One of our key initiatives with VetPrescriber is to help reduce prescription errors and aid veterinarians in the prescribing process” said COO Giano Panzarella, PharmD. “The integration of VPR Cloud into VetPrescriber provides our customers powerful tools such as a drug interaction matrix, dosage calculator, and client information sheets. Ultimately, this increases levels of patient care while reducing potentially critical medication errors.”

VPR Cloud and Diamondback Drugs will be exhibiting at the 2018 VMX Conference (formally NAVC) from February 4-7 in Orlando, Florida. To learn more, please stop by the Veterinary Pharmacy Reference booth (4032) or the Diamondback Drugs booth (1412).

About VSA – Veterinary Software Associates LLC:
VSA was founded in 2000 at the beginning of development of VPR Veterinary Pharmacy Reference (legacy version). VSA is a collaboration with BMC Software Associates, a part of Business Management Corporation and Dr. Teresa Lee Koogler DVM, PC in Frederick Maryland. Together we created VPR, an electronic, interactive veterinary drug formulary – the only one of its kind on the market. We provide continual live updates as well as support for this exciting new version of an already invaluable tool for practicing veterinarians. To learn more and sign up for a free trial, please visit us at VPRCloud.com.

About Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc. 
Timeless Veterinary Systems™ is a specialized technology company located on a small island (Prince Edward Island, Canada), made up of a small team of big thinkers. The Timeless team believes in challenging the status quo to develop technologies that raise the bar for veterinary patient care. Each and every product the Timeless team develops is carefully designed with some of the most recognized experts in veterinary medicine to ensure the highest quality possible.

Take a look at the Timeless growing line of products, and you will see the real impact Timeless Veterinary Systems™ is having on veterinary medicine: http://TimelessVeterinary.com.

About Diamondback Drugs.

Scottsdale, Arizona-based Diamondback Drugs is a trusted source for quality veterinary medications since 2001. Protecting patients with quality and reliability is our top priority. Each member of our pharmacy staff is trained and tested to ensure the highest quality standards are met when dispensing every prescription. Diamondback Drugs is a PCAB® accredited veterinary only pharmacy, and offer a variety flavors, formulations, and customized dosing to meet the needs of any animal. Learn more about Diamondback Drugs at http://www.diamondbackdrugs.com/ or call direct at 866-578-4420.

For more information please visit DiamondbackDrugs.com.

VetPrescriber customers will have instant access to the integrated features of VPR Cloud directly from their VetPrescriber account when ordering an Rx. To provide an added benefit to VetPrescriber customers to enhance the prescription pre-ordering process, VPR Cloud and Diamondback Drugs are offering a no-strings-attached 60-day free trial to VPR Cloud by signing up at VPRCloud.com. For more information or to request an online demo please email sales@VPRCloud.com.

VPR Cloud Inquiries, please contact:
Norm Bryenton
Vice President

Email: nbryenton@timelessveterinary.com

Tel: 855-247-2327 x7049

VetPrescriber inquiries, please contact:

Giano Panzarella, PharmD
Chief Operations Officer

Email: G@DiamondbackDrugs.com

Tel: 866-646-2223 x202