Why Veterinarians Need More Than the Plumb’s Handbook

Veterinarians are busy; it’s a fact of the trade. But, in today’s digital age, there are a multitude of tools available to make the day-to-day tasks of veterinary work quicker and more efficient. One aspect of veterinary practice that the digital age has undeniably improved is the veterinary drug reference.

The Benefit of a Digital Formulary

Before digital, of course, there was the Plumb’s handbook.

Or, perhaps more accurately, there was a handbook when you could find it. Most of the time, it seemed like the book was in another drawer, or another room, or another dimension (probably the same one as your old keychain and a lot of missing socks).

Then, if you could find the book in any semblance of a timely manner, you’d need to leaf through it – flip, flip, flip – until you found the page with the right drug, then – flip, flip, flip – until you could find an alternative drug to avoid harmful interactions.


Flipping complete, you next had to find the calculator to determine dosage – which, naturally, also tended to be in that missing sock dimension.

You get the idea. Identifying drug interactions and determining appropriate dosages was somewhat less than efficient.

Today, with digital drug references, that’s changed; the process is much quicker.

Why VPR Cloud is the Digital Drug Reference You’ve been Looking For

No longer are veterinarians required to undergo the stress that comes with misplaced handbooks and copious page flipping; digital drug references have introduced a new level of efficiency.

It used to be that the Plumb’s handbook was just about the only method for referencing drug interactions. Today, though, there are online alternatives. Plumb’s, for instance, has converted their familiar handbook to app form, and there are a variety of other digital alternatives. 

But, for the myriad of drug reference options now available, there’s only one digital drug reference that’s made by vets, for vets: VPR Cloud.

Here’s what makes VPR Cloud a Plumb’s alternative worth choosing.

VPR Cloud Has More of the Information That Matters

Instead of bombarding busy veterinarians with all potential information about a drug – technical summaries, trial information, etc. – VPR Cloud is focused on the information that’s most important to veterinary practitioners: prescriptive information, dosage information, and interactions.

Alternatively, Plumb’s, while thorough, is less focused, with pages of information provided that may or may not be pertinent to a veterinarian.

Patient Info Auto-Populates on Integrated Practice Management Software

VPR is the only reference that’s able to integrate with Practice Management Software – and its integrations make veterinary tasks much more efficient.

When you use VPR Cloud, it’s easy to pull up a list of drug categories based on type, generic drug name, or even brand drug name. With the click of a button, you can pull up a dosage calculator – and, if you’re using VPR Cloud on integrated Practice Management Software, the prescription information you’re seeking will even be auto-populated for you (so you’ll know that your patient needs half a tablet instead of the full dose right away, for example).

With Practice Management Software integration, you don’t need to re-enter the patient’s information each time.

Plumb’s doesn’t do that.

A Drug Interaction Matrix Provides All the Information on Interactions You’ll Need

You can enter as many drugs as you want to, and, when you search, you’ll be given all potential interactions. For example, if two drugs each increase the risk of kidney damage, you’ll be able to identify if using them in combination makes risk higher.

Alternatively, Plumb’s, while offering the interactions affected by a single drug, doesn’t provide the ability to check combinations of drugs in a comprehensive way.

VPR Cloud Improves Client Communication

Finally, VPR Cloud offers printable client information sheets specifically designed to facilitate veterinarian-client communication and increase the efficacy of treatment. Sheets include the purpose of the drug, its potential side effects, instructions for treatment, and calming statements (similar in effect to: “Every drug can potentially cause side effects, and the side effects listed here, while possible, occur only rarely.”). Each of these informative components contributes toward patient care being administered as effectively as possible.

Plumb’s, alternatively, does offer some client information sheets, but they tend to be limited in information and don’t cover all drugs.

If You’re Looking for a Plumb’s Alternative, Take a Look at VPRCloud

Digital drug references have undoubtedly helped with efficiency – and, if you’re looking for peak efficiency, take a look at VPRCloud.

As a Plumb’s alternative, VPRCloud offers a host of benefits and a complete set of features that make drug references and dosage calculations easier and more accurate than ever.

If you’re a busy veterinarian, it’s time to recapture your time. Sign up for a free trial of VPRCloud today.