Understanding the Tools that the VPR Drug Index Offers

veterinary drug index

Beyond a Veterinary Drug Index

VPR Cloud is a veterinary drug index that includes a number of helpful tools for your veterinary practice. For the average veterinarian, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the demands and pressures you face each day. It only makes matters worse when it takes so long to find what you need from a typical veterinary drug index. Luckily, VPR Cloud is not a typical drug index. It provides everything a veterinary practice needs to improve functionally and to better serve clients.

VPR Cloud goes beyond a simple drug index providing tools like an interactive drug search, client info sheets, a drug interaction matrix, and so much more. In order to fully understand all the benefits that VPR drug index could provide to your veterinary practice, it is best to understand what some of these tools actually do.

While it may seem like a lot of tools to review, you definitely don’t want your practice to miss out on all the benefits VPR Cloud has to offer. Let us introduce you to a few of these tools.

All The Tools You Could Need, In One Place

Interactive Drug Search

In print veterinary drug indexes, you have to flip through countless pages to find the information you are looking for. They provide no easy and interactive way to search for drugs. VPR Cloud, on the other hand, is constantly updated and can be used on any device to search for the information you need at any given moment.

The interactive drug search tool is able to suggest matches online based on your search query and meet all of your pharmaceutical needs. Whether you need to know side effects or different brand names, the interactive drug search tool will help you locate all the information you need. Through the interactive drug search tool, you can click on any drug to see detailed information in an organized bullet point format.

Printable Drug Information, Client Information Sheets, and Consent Forms

Having the ability to print information from your veterinary drug index is more than simply convenient. Printable drug information furthers client education by allowing clients to take home all the drug information they could need. They have time to bring the sheet home and take the time to really understand the treatments.

Client information sheets were developed as a tool for VPR Cloud to make client education as easy and comprehensive as possible. They provide everything that your client could want to know in one place. Simply give the client a brief explanation of what was wrong with the patient and what the treatment plan is, then hand them the sheet. It will explain the reasons why the drug is being prescribed, the cautions related, and any side effects that are possible with the use of the drug. Handling, storage, and administration details are also included on client information sheets.

VPR Cloud includes off-label/anesthesia consent forms that you can print off for the client to sign. Off-label drugs have the potential to help certain conditions but also come with risks. The possible risks of off-label drugs make it a necessity for clients to be informed about the drug and to provide legal consent. It is important to consider the potential risks and benefits when prescribing off-label drugs, but with these consent forms, doing so has become much easier.

You can rest assured that you have provided informed consent when you hand a client information sheet home with the pet owner. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have the all the necessary information in their hands after their appointment. Printable drug information, client education sheets, and consent forms all function to provide quick access to information that will help educate clients.

Drug Dosage Calculator

The importance of a drug dosage can sometimes be overlooked or miscalculated when you are trying to take care of 4 clients simultaneously.. Some vets may try to do the math in their head and make mistakes that could end up harming their pet more than helping them. To avoid making mistakes, many vets turn to rummaging around for a calculator every time they need to prescribe a medication. The dosage calculator tool that VPR veterinary drug index offers solves this issue by making dosage calculations convenient and accurate.

You can access the drug dosage calculator on the treatment popup window by selecting the calculator icon. The dosage values will already be pre-populated based on the particular indication you’re viewing. All you need is provide is the patient’s weight for a dosage to be calculated. With the VPR Cloud dosage calculator, searching for that elusive calculator is a thing of the past!

Drug Interaction Matrix, Interactive Anti-Parasitic Charts, and Conversion Charts

Drug interactions are another factor that each veterinarian has to take into account when prescribing medication. It is not uncommon for drugs to interact, and it is nearly impossible for a veterinarian to remember the potential drug interactions with all veterinary drugs. The drug interaction matrix tool gives veterinarians access to all the potential drug interactions that they may come across. In order to use the tool, you only have to choose two medications that may be combined and select “Calculate Interactions” for a detailed list of interactions to appear. It is that easy.

Medications used to treat parasites, for example, are generally only effective for a limited about of parasites, and you are bound to mix up what parasites are treated by each drug if you try to rely on memory. With only the name of the drug and species of your patient, anti-parasitic charts inform you about what parasites each drug is able to treat. Conversation charts are used as needed to make the life of a veterinarian easier.  No calculations are necessary. A quick look at the charts is all that you need.

Tools that Work Together

With each of these tools, the treatment of each patient is made significantly easier. The tools work together to help the veterinarian provide better care with less stress involved. VPR veterinary drug index goes beyond the traditional index to help meet all the needs of modern veterinarians.

If you are interested in implementing this information into your own life, you can learn more about VPR Cloud by starting a free trial today!