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The Importance of A Good Veterinarian

It’s not easy working your way through years of college and training in order to become a veterinarian. It’s also not easy putting in the time and effort once you become a veterinarian. Despite the difficulty, people do it every day across the country. However, this doesn’t necessarily make every veterinarian a good veterinarian.

This is not to say they are bad veterinarians. Quite the opposite. While many practices are filled with good veterinarians, there might be a few who are skilled, extremely talented, and very competent at what they do, but lack some of the traits that would move them into the “great” category.

The differences between a veterinarian and a great veterinarian are small, yet salient.

Traits of a Good Veterinarian

It might surprise many that one of the biggest traits for a good veterinarian to have is that they care about people. Most think that it’s all about the animals, and while that’s very important, caring about the people is primary.

A good veterinarian is able to connect with people and fully understand their concerns. They’re also humble enough to come up with a list of treatment options for the owners – not just one option the veterinarian feels is best for the animal. A good veterinarian also doesn’t judge an owner for choosing an option they might not think is the best solution.

It’s also key for a good veterinarian to understand their limitations. If there is a difficult case, good veterinarians will always look to consult with someone who might have a better understanding of what’s going on. At the very least, they should be honest with the owners about what they can or can’t do for their animal.

Medical and veterinary skills are important traits for any good veterinarian to have, but if you are medically competent and you don’t connect with the owners, they’re not going to care and, chances are, won’t do what you say. As the saying goes, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Hiring a Good Veterinarian

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hiring a good veterinarian. As in any business, what separates candidates varies from practice to practice.

The hiring veterinarian has an overall vision for their practice. They’re going to look for someone who is a good fit and has a similar practice philosophy. The philosophy might be kindness, or maybe cutting-edge medicine. Those are both possible, but they’re different focuses.

If the practice has a clear philosophy, the hiring veterinarian is going to bring in someone who fits well. You can teach skills, but it’s a lot harder to teach mindsets, so the veterinarian will look to add parts to a team of people with similar goals and work philosophies.

That’s not to say everyone on the team has to think exactly the same way. A good veterinarian should complement the practice, but have their own thoughts and ideas. Hiring someone who is compliant could bring about the downfall of a practice. A good veterinarian will help push the members of the team to get better, and vice versa.

How a Good Veterinarian Copes with Stress, Depression

Working in the veterinary field is very rewarding, but it’s also stressful. That stress and anxiety, over time, leads to burnout and depression. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly common occurrence.

In order to overcome these issues, a good veterinarian needs to set up boundaries, where they can say yes or no to things that are important to them. For example, they might make a schedule and stick with it, so when they’re on, they’re on, and when they’re off, they’re off.

Of course, work life and personal life do tend to bleed into each other from time to time. Issues from home might follow veterinarians to work, while work issues might follow them home. It’s vital for all veterinarians to take time to restore and rejuvenate. Daily, weekly, monthly … even if you have to schedule 5- to 10-minute breaks throughout the day, it’s necessary.

All veterinarians need to take care of themselves – physically and mentally. This means learning to delegate responsibilities, taking joy in your family life, and spending as much time as you need to recharge your batteries.

VPR Cloud is Made for Good Veterinarians

Taking the time to go over the information with owners and answering their questions is a great quality for a good veterinarian. Having a great reference tool at your fingertips is a valuable asset for any good veterinarian.

That’s why we created VPR Cloud, the only vet reference built by vets, for vets. VPR Cloud offers industry-leading pharmacology, with the tools and resources that make it the best choice for all veterinarians.

With built-in client information sheets, veterinarians can store information about each animal they treat, so they’ll easily be able to keep track of any drugs that have been prescribed. VPR Cloud helps save veterinarians time and energy that could be used doing any number of things – from talking to owners to taking time for themselves.

For more information on how VPR Cloud can help you become an even better veterinarian, contact us today.