VPR has been redesigned for accessibility and ease of use.

Take a minute to read how VPR Cloud works.

Login from any device

You can login the VPR application in any browser on any device. All you need is an internet connection. Simply visit https://app.vprcloud.com in your device's browser and enter your email and password to access the application.

Drug Search & Reference

Once you’re logged into the application, you are able to quickly search for any drug using the search bar at the top of the screen. Simply start to type, and the application will suggest drugs that match your search query. Click on a drug to see all the pertinent information about the drug in bullet point easy to read format. This information is printable should you need to, but with the ability to access this information on any mobile device using VPR Cloud, this feature is not as necessary.

Drug Indications & Treatments

When viewing a drug, we will show you all the indications and treatments for that drug on the left side of the page. When you click on a treatment, a popup window will show you more details, including pre-treatment & administration notes. It will also give you quick access to the dosage calculator.

Dosage Calculator

When viewing the treatment popup window, you can easily hit the calculator icon to bring up the Dosage Calculator. Dosage values will be pre-populated (based on the treatment you're viewing) so all you need to do is enter the patient's weight, and a dosage will be calculated for you.

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Owner & Patient Management

With our owner & patient management tools, you can easily keep track of your patients and any drugs you have prescribed.

Printing Client Information Sheets

You know those information sheets we have come to rely on from the human pharmacy when we get our prescriptions filled? Now those can be handed to your clients to provide all the details of possible side effects and specific administration information to insure informed client consent. For those practices who are paperless or paper minimum, simply email it to your client in a pdf format.

Antiparasitics Agents Tool

With our Antiparasitics Agents tool, you can select a species and a drug, and quickly see which parasites that drug is effective against.

Interactions Matrix Tool

With our Interactions Matrix Tool, you can select two or more drugs, and quickly see which interactions those drugs potentially have when used together in a patient. With integrated systems, this process is automated and will check the drug you are prescribing against the patient’s medication history and determine any potential interactions.

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