How to Attract and Keep Long-Term Vet Clients

The best relationships are the ones that last a long time.

That’s true in a personal context, and it’s certainly true for veterinarians in a professional context, too. Relationships that stand the test of time are built on mutual trust and appreciation.

And, of course, retaining clients over the long-term benefits your practice.

The price of one pet checkup pales in comparison to the lifetime value you gain from being a client’s go-to veterinarian.

So, the value of long-term client relationships is obvious. Less obvious, though, is how to facilitate and maintain those relationships.

Don’t worry, though – the technique to building a long-term client base isn’t some complex secret. Like most relationships, the best veterinarian-client relationships are built on the simple activities that facilitate trust.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to do just that.

Provide High Quality Veterinary Care

This may seem overly simplistic or even redundant, but the foundation of a client’s relationship with you is based on how they answer the question: “Is my vet providing my pet with good care?”

Fairly or not, service providers are easy targets for the ire of dissatisfied clients. Like dentists or car mechanics that draw dissatisfaction over the perception of poor service, veterinarians face this as a reality, too. If your clients don’t think you’re doing a good job, there is no chance for a long-term relationship.

That’s not always fair, and it’s unrealistic to expect to fully please everybody all the time. But if you truly focus on providing your clients and their pets with high quality care, the answer to that question above will most often be “yes.”

Focus On the Pet’s Comfort Level to Surpass Expectations

Besides the fundamental level of care you provide, though, a client’s perception of your relationship with their pet will go a long way toward determining whether they’ll grant you their trust and continue to choose your practice. One of the best ways to influence that perception is to pay notable attention to the comfort level of your patients.

Your clients may expect that their pets will be stressed during an appointment. The more you can alleviate or dispel that idea, the more likely you’ll earn trust.

You’ve probably heard pet owners say things like, “My dog tries to bite every vet who gives her a shot.” If you can give the dog a treat and administer the shot quickly, minimizing the patient’s stress, you’ll gain an immense amount of trust with the owner by surpassing their expectations.

Show You Care to Build Long-Term Vet Client Trust

Your relationship with your clients’ pets is one of the ways that you can show that you care. And, as is true in any relationship, showing that you care goes a long way toward building something that lasts.

We’ve written about it before: when you provide veterinary services routinely, day after day, there’s an inherent danger that you’ll fall into autopilot mode. It’s understandable, and yet the appearance of “autopilot mode” is the last thing you want to portray when you’re seeking to build long-term relationships.

Pet owners want to know that you care. When they bring in their cat, they want you to treat it like it’s the only cat there is, not the eighth you’ve seen that morning.

Take the time to demonstrate that you understand how valuable each pet is. Greet them by name; take the time to get to know them a bit, if possible. Recognize elements of their personalities. Simple actions like this show that you don’t view each patient as a number in your day; you recognize, with their owner, their individual value. You care.

When clients recognize that fact, building trust comes naturally. From that, long-term relationships start to grow.

VPR Cloud Makes It Easier to Build a Long-Term Vet Client Base

At the end of the day, there is no complex secret to building long-term veterinary-client relationships. It’s simple, really: long-term relationships are built on trust. And trust is earned over each client interaction, each appointment, and each demonstration of competence and care.

At VPR Cloud, we understand that. It’s why we’ve created VPR Cloud, the only vet reference built by vets, for vets: so that you can focus on the real work of relationship building.

Having a dependable, easy-to-use reference tool at your fingertips is a valuable asset for any veterinarian. It makes providing high quality care easier. You can store information about every animal they treat, so you’ll easily be able to track current and previous prescriptions.

Additionally, VPR Cloud will help you to save time on administrative elements. Instead of spending time manually referencing a drug index, you’ll have more time to commit to building trust. And, VPR Cloud allows you to easily provide your client with an information sheet, featuring the most current accurate information about the medications you may be prescribing. It’s an easy way to show them how much you care.

VPR Cloud means more time for building long-term relationships with clients. After all, those relationships are the best kind.