Free Veterinary Dosage Calculator

“Sparky” is a 5-year old male neutered Corgi mix and is currently in the hospital. He weighs 32 pounds. The doctor asks you to give Sparky 5 mg/kg of Baytril injectable antibiotic IV over 20 minutes. How much Baytril (in milliliters) will you give Sparky? The bottle says that Baytril is a 2.27% solution.

~ VetTechPrep

Unless you are studying for the VTNE, there is an easy solution to this: grab a calculator. Unfortunately, in veterinary practices, calculators are never there when you need them. Veterinarian Dr. Teresa Koogler has experienced this problem as well throughout her career. That is until she created software that solved this (and many other) problems.

This software is called VPR Cloud and it included a wide variety of tools, a veterinary dosage calculator being just one of them.

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VPR Cloud is becoming the new standard of today’s veterinarian. To put it simply: VPR Cloud is making the lives of veterinarians and vet techs easier through the use of various integrated tools. It is the next level in veterinary patient management.

One of these tools, as previously mentioned, is a veterinary dosage calculator. If you are using VPR, it will automatically input information into the calculator such as the weight of the patient as well as the drug being administered. Simply select the dosage and concentration, and voila! You know all the conversions without searching around for that calculator.

We are actually giving away the veterinary dosage calculator tool 100% free. While it will not automatically fill in patient information as it does in the full software, the veterinary dosage calculator is still a very useful tool.

veterinary dosage calculator

Bookmark the page, and put an end to searching around for your calculators.

If you are interested in trying out the full version of these tools, sign up for your free 14-day trial of VPR Cloud. It is a risk-free way to see if VPR Cloud is right for you!