Don’t Forget to Love Your Job


Working 60+ hours a week in a high-intensity culture, it is no wonder the average vet tech only lasts a few years. Honestly, after the first few years, you start to question whether or not you love your vet tech job or even like animals anymore. You have become numb after years of practice. Even though it is difficult, deep down you are still passionate about animals and couldn’t see yourself doing anything else.

Remember Why You Do What You Do

It is easy to lose sight of why you started down this career path in the first place, so it’s important to remind yourself every once in a while. You didn’t get into it because of the money or because of the prestige; you do it because you love animals. When your job gets hard, take some time to remember that and regain perspective.

Focus on the Good

You are going to have hard days. Those days when you lose a patient, and you go back in your mind thinking of ways you could have done things differently. This is an unfortunate part of the job, but there is so much more to it. So many reasons for you to love your vet tech job. Pets are part of a family, and you play a crucial role in keeping that family member healthy for as long as possible. Take solace in the fact that while you will lose patients, you will save so many more. Focus on the positive impact you have, not only on the animals but on their families, too. Deal with the bad, and celebrate the good.

Go The Extra Mile

Whether good or bad, a big part of your job is dealing with the humans that bring in the animals you care for. Unfortunately, many of them come in stressed out and worried, and they end up taking it out on you. That being said, you are part of the team that fixes what they are stressed out about. Take time to explain to the owner what happened and what to do in the future to avoid problems, and then give them a call the next day to check in. When you go the extra mile to care for them and their animal, they will be appreciative and it will help your practice grow. It is good for everyone, so ignite a change in your practice and change the culture. This is a huge step to reminding everyone why you and your coworkers love your vet tech job.

You have a hard job, but there are many things you can do to make the most of it. You do great things for people and their pets, and it is important to remember that. Don’t forget to remember why you love your vet tech job, focus on the good, and go the extra mile. On behalf of animal lovers everywhere, thank you!