VPR & Diamondback Drugs

As a veterinarian, access to pharmacology information is vitally important. It’s impossible to memorize all the side effects and potential interactions for the multitude of drugs you will be prescribing. That’s where VPR Cloud comes in. With a constantly updated drug database, you can be sure you are getting the most up-to-date drug information available.

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What Does the Integration Look Like?

Interactions Matrix Tool

With our Interactions Matrix Tool, you can quickly see any interactions that two drugs potentially have when used together in a patient. With integrated systems, this process is automated and will check the drug you are prescribing against the patient’s medication history to determine any potential interactions.

Online Veterinary Dosage Calculator

Get the right dosage for your next formulary lookup. The patient’s weight and the recommended dose range will auto populate for integrated systems but in the standalone version just add the dose range and the patient weight in pounds or kg and the mg/kg dose will be calculated and reported as both a total mg dose and as a volume or number of tablets amount.

Client Information Sheets

You know those information sheets we have come to rely on from the human pharmacy when we get our prescriptions filled? Now those can be handed to your clients to provide all the details of possible side effects and specific administration information to insure informed client consent. For those practices who are paperless or paper minimum, simply email it to your client in a pdf format.

Faster Prescription Management

With Vet Prescriber, veterinarians can quickly order new prescriptions, manage refills and patients, get pricing, and get access to the most up-to-date pharmacology reference guide.

The New Standard of Practice for Today's Veterinarian

Our goal is to significantly improve our ability to easily integrate with you, and provide improved functionality with access to the VPR drug resource.