The 3 “Whys” of Veterinary Client Education

As a veterinarian, client education is essential to running a successful practice. You can do your job superbly, but if the owner does not do their part in giving medications and keeping an eye on the animal, then the pet won’t get better. Because of this, you spend a lot of time telling the pet owner about the treatment you performed, the side effects of any medications you are recommending, and more.

Why Veterinary Client Education is Important

At the end of the day, the fact that your clients come back is what’s keeping you in business. If clients came to you only once and then never returned, you would be out of business in a matter of months. Each client’s experience and level of satisfaction is the crux upon which their decision to return is based. If they have a good experience, they’ll likely return the next time their pet is sick. If they have a poor experience, they almost certainly won’t return. This begs the question of how you foster a positive experience. The answer? Veterinary client education.

Satisfaction post-purchase in any situation is dependent upon whether or not the value you received exceeds the price you paid. Clients are paying for your time, both to examine their pet and to satisfactorily explain to them what is wrong with their pet and how it will be fixed. You can be a top-notch vet, but if you do not take the time to explain your findings to the owner, then, in their eyes, you are only doing half your job.

Why Sufficient Veterinary Client Information is a Constant Battle

When you are trying to provide adequate veterinary client education, you are in a constant battle between two opposing forces: the need to spend the time explaining everything to the client, and the back to back (and sometimes double booked) appointment that you need to be on time for. Both of these are fundamental to the client experience, and you can’t avoid either. So, as a first-rate veterinarian, how do you handle it?

You only have so many hours in the day and you need to see as many clients as possible, so the only solution must lie in speeding up your processes. Unfortunately, it would be a mistake to try and rush through an exam in order to make more time to explain your findings. This is how you make mistakes, upset clients, and possibly risk litigation. You can explain your findings for hours, but if you came up with an incorrect diagnosis, then talking to your client will be a waste of time.

The second option is to increase the speed and efficacy of how you go about veterinary client education…

Why Aren’t You Using Client Information Sheets?

Luckily, with the advent of new technologies, this process has been made easier than ever with software like VPR Cloud. Simply preview a pre-populated information sheet with all the treatment and prescription information on it, then hand it over to your client. The sheet would look something like this:


After a brief 30-second conversation telling the client what is on the sheet and any next steps, you are ready to go take care of that next patient.

Don’t lose clients to other vets that are able to utilize technologies like these. Take a step in the right direction and sign up for a free demo for VPRCloud. See how client information sheets and many other tools can revolutionize your practice.